National Dex no. << 250 >>
Hoenn Dex no. << 168 >>
Dex entry type Baloon Bonéka
Pre-Evolution ---
Evolution(s) ---
Gender 87% Female
Type(s) Normal
Ability(s) Hakurei Miko
World Link Grass: Route 115, Sky Pillar, North Plain Fishing: Route 129, Saiyuu City
Another World Fishing: Masara Town
Wild held item(s) Miko Orb
Catch Rate 15
Egg Groups HumanShape / Chaos
Time to hatch 3840 Steps
Lv. 100 Exp 1,640,000
Base Exp 255
Base Happiness Normal (70)

Dex Entry

Dex Entry
Don't be attracted by this Yukkuri. It will replace your existence.

Base stats


Atk Def SpA SpD Spe Total
255 80 80 5 25 5 450

Effort Yield

HP Atk Def SpA SpD Spe
0 2 0 0 0 0

Level up Moves

Level Move
05 Pound
10 Copycat
15 Role Play
22 Cheer
26 Follow Me
30 Musou Tensei


Item Move
HM 04 Strength
HM 06 Rock Smash

Egg Moves


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