The sprite rip is finally complete.

I will say that, yes, I was lazily doing it, but I finally got it done, including a whole sheet for all 411 (non-shiny).

I will eventually get shiny versions onto a sheet, but for now I'll take a break.

All I have to do now is take them BMP rips and save them as PNG and upload them on here. The whole process, after I begin (probably after Wednesday), will probably take 1-3 days, depending on how I do things. If someone wouldn't mind, could someone start on doing the movelists. To find them, all you need is a copy of World Link (1.30 or newer) and an editing program known as YAPE. MAKE SURE THE ROM IS THE "UNEDITED HEADER" VERSION, OR ELSE YAPE WILL "LOLNOPE WON'T WORK" IT.

You'll have my thanks.

I will also eventually add a whole trainer guide, which probably would need me to start a fresh new game to track all the trainer's locations. I do have an editor for trainers and such, but doesn't like to spew out locations, so that's why I'll need to do another runthrough of World Link to keep track of where they are.

All information for trainers included will be...

- Trainer name

- Trainer location

- Boneka

- Moveliets of said Boneka

- POSSIBLY add tips for "boss" trainers; included would be Gym leaders, Rival, Elite Four, Magma Leader, Steven etc.

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