Route description

Touka City is a small town that houses the Touka City Gym, run by Norman, the player's father. The gym cannot be accessed until the player has at least 4 badges. The JX Pass which is required in order to access the Kanto region may be obtained by talking to an NPC with Usami Renko's sprite at the southern side of the town, above the lake.


Bonéka Location Levels
CMai Water 5-35
CHina Fishing (Old Rod) 5-10
CHina Fishing (Good Rod) 10-30
COrange Fishing (Good Rod) 10-30
COrange Fishing (Super Rod) 25-35
Mai Fishing (Super Rod) 20-40
EHina Fishing (Super Rod) 40-45


Item Location
JX Pass Gift from Ario (NPC with Renko's sprite near the south)

Touka City Gym

Map images

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