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Pre-Evolution EMarisa
Evolution(s) ---
Species Last Magician
Gender 87% Female
Type(s) Electric/Fire
Ability(s) Speed Boost
World Link Route 2 (Last Tag)
Another World Kourindou (Last Tag)
Wild held item(s) ---
Catch Rate 5
Egg Groups HumanShape
Time to hatch 3840 Steps
Lv. 100 Exp 1,059,860
Base Exp 255
Base Happiness Normal (70)

Dex Entry

Dex Entry
Finally, Marisa could finish her Magic Stone and enhance her magic powers.

Base stats


Atk Def SpA SpD Spe Total
80 60 80 170 110 150 650

Effort Yield

HP Atk Def SpA SpD Spe
0 0 0 3 0 0

Level up Moves

Level Move
01 Master Spark
01 Spore
01 Thief
01 Blazing Star


Item Move
TM 04 Calm Mind
TM 06 Toxic
TM 10 Bride Study
TM 11 Sunny Day
TM 12 Taunt
TM 15 Lunatic
TM 17 Protect
TM 22 Solarbeam
TM 24 Thunderbolt
TM 25 Thunder
TM 27 Return
TM 32 Double Team
TM 34 Shock Wave
TM 35 Flamethrower
TM 38 Fire Blast
TM 42 Facade
TM 44 Rest
TM 46 Thief
TM 49 Snatch
TM 50 Overheat
HM 05 Flash

Egg Moves

Level Move
--- Psych Up
--- Ancientpower
--- Psybem
--- Roleplay
--- Present
--- Follow Me
--- Double-Edge
--- FiveElements

Move Tutor

Level World Link Another World
--- Body Slam Body Slam
--- Double-Edge Double-Edge
--- Metronome Metronome
--- Thunder Wave Thunder Wave
--- Substitute Substitute
--- Psych Up Broom Strike
--- Icy Wind Secret Power
--- Swagger ---
--- Sleep Talk ---
--- Swift ---
--- Defense Curl ---
--- ThunderPunch ---
--- Fire Punch ---

Note: The Overview below was written before Spore was changed to not cause sleep.

Overview: LMarisa's astronomical special attack stat which reaches a base of 170, coupled with its massive base 150 speed stat, obviously sets this Boneka as a special sweeper. LMarisa has a unique typing, which is massively beneficial to LMarisa, as it allows our favorite thief to resist a total of 5 types of moves. Its movepool is quite shallow with a total of 6 different types of damage-dealing moves, INCLUDING Return and Solarbeam, which cannot be used without LUtsuho/ZMokou Support. However, what moves it has makes it a very dangerous foe to meet on the battlefield, whether you're just playing through the game or battling with your friends. Electric is a good typing all around, and coupled with its Fire STAB move, and a coverage move in the name of FiveElements (if you choose to breed it with a Patchouli), it will be able to hit most enemies with neutral coverage most of the time. Final topic to discuss is its ability, Speed Boost. Is it really necessary for me to write anything for this awesome ability? I don't think so. It sure makes LMarisa a hell of a beast to revenge kill.

However, LMarisa is not without flaws, most notably its shallow defenses of 80/80/110. Ever-Present Earthquake and Rock moves, along with also common Water moves, makes it faint easily. With its fragile defense, most physical neutral coverage moves will likely OHKO or 2HKO LMarisa. Next, its movepool, as mentioned above, is quite shallow. Which makes it a very easy to predict.

Despite these weaknesses, LMarisa is an awesome help to any team (besides rain teams), and it is recommended highly by the writer.

Recommended Setups

Hit-and-Run. Marisa Style.

Nature: Modest/Timid

EVs: 6HP/ 252SpeAtk/ 252Spd

Item: Choice Band


Master Spark

Overheat/Fire Blast/Flamethrower



Most who has played Touhou should know how good Marisa is at this when she breaks into the SDM, steal Mukyu's books, then run. 170 special attack is not just for show - Choice Master Spark will OHKO most of everything there is, even those who resist it are likely to be 2HKOed. Overheat is made famous in the original Pokemon Uber tier's Dialga, and with Stab, it does even a better job. Go with the Flamethrower or Fire blast for Accuracy/no recoil. Spore is still useful despite it being a choice. Allows a free switch, which one of your other Boneka can setup, or just kill the enemy. FiveElements for extra coverage, but its quite annoying to get, as it is an egg move. Solarbeam if there is LUtsuho/ZMokou Support.

Calm Mind

Nature: Modest

Evs: 252HP/ 252SpeAtk/ 6Spd

Item: Leftovers/Focus Band


Master Spark



Calm Mind

With a single Calm Mind, its Special Atk reaches over 700. with 2, it reaches over 900. With its Spd constantly being Boosted by Speed Boost, only those of Jolly LAyas and Zeros after one or two turns of Speed Boost. Switch on an weakened Boneka, threatning to Revenge kill it, then on the switch, calm mind. Or, just go with Spore, and Calm Mind while the enemy is Taking it Easy. This set is Overkill, and only a few can resist this setup.


LSuwako. The Best. Marisakiller. Ever. Immunity to Master Spark? Check. Basically 4x resistance to Fire Moves? Check. Heavy Bulk? Check. Both Stabs OHKO any form of LMarisa? Check. Seriously, against LMarisas, this is the best counter there is. However, one needs to watch out for its Spore though.

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