Route description

Route 115 is to the north of Kanazumi City. The northern part is initially inaccessible until the Acro Bike is obtained. After HM03 Surf is obtained, the route also becomes a shortcut between Meteor Falls and Kanazumi City.


Bonéka Location Levels
CByakuren Grass 23-25
CNue Grass 23-25
CEllen Grass 24-26
YReimu Grass 25
CHina Water 5-35
Hina Water 25-30
CHina Fishing (Old Rod) 5-10
CHina Fishing (Good Rod) 10-30
Hina Fishing (Super Rod) 25-35
CChiyuri Fishing (Super Rod) 20-40
Chiyuri Fishing (Super Rod) 40-45


Item Location
Soft Earth


Map images

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