Route 101 is the first route the player enters after leaving Mishiro Town.

Route description

The player is able to access this route only after talking to the rival (Maribel/Renko) in her house. The first time the player enters this route, Professor Birch is under attack by a wild CKogasa, and the player can select from CKurumi, CElly, or CLuize to defeat the CKogasa. The selected Bonéka will become the starter Bonéka of the player.

Unlike in Pokémon Emerald, the layout of this route is slightly different and links to the music house.


Bonéka Location Levels
CNazrin Grass 2-3
CSunnymilk Grass 2-3
CLuize Starter Bonéka 5
CElly Starter Bonéka 5
CKurumi Starter Bonéka 5


Item Location

Map images

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