<Shiny Sprite>
Hoenn Dex no. 91
National Dex no. 182
Dex entry type Dark Cursed
Type(s) Dark / Poison
Ability(s) Curse Cycle
Location(s) Fishing: Route 119 (Feebas Method)
Wild held item(s)
Egg Groups HumanShape / Chaos
Growth Rate Base EXP 215
Catch Rate 5
Egg hatch speed

Dex Entry

Dex Entry
This is really bad. Now, Hina gives the curses to people. This is bad....

Base stats


Atk Def SpA SpD Spe Total
130 110 110 140 110 100 700

Effort Yield

HP Atk Def SpA SpD Spe
0 0 0 3 0 0

Level up Moves

Level Move
01 Caution!
01 Poison Bomb
01 Giga Drain
01 Pain Flow
01 Spin!!


Item Move
TM 02 Heart Break
TM 03 Water Pulse
TM 06 Toxic
TM 07 Hail
TM 10 Bride Study
TM 11 Sunny Day
TM 15 Lunatic
TM 16 Light Screen
TM 17 Protect
TM 18 Rain Dance
TM 19 Giga Drain
TM 20 Safeguard
TM 22 Solarbeam
TM 27 Return
TM 28 Dig
TM 29 Psikokinesis
TM 30 Shadow Ball
TM 32 Double Team
TM 33 Reflect
TM 36 Poison Bomb
TM 37 Sandstorm
TM 39 Rock Tomb
TM 42 Facade
TM 43 Poison Claw
TM 44 Rest
HM 03 Surf
HM 05 Flash
HM 07 Waterfall
HM 08 Dive

Egg Moves


Overview: DLHina herself suffers from her own curse; the curse being a mixed attacker. Most of her best offensive moves are on the physical side; yet most of her (more useful) movepool lying on the special side. Therefore, it is best to pick only one type of DLHina and stick to that instead of attempting to utilize both sides of her offensive spectrum. Though her stats and some of her movepool allow her to run a defensive set, she is better off utilizing the generous movepool of offensive moves. A curse in itself though, DLHina possesses an ability which is totally useless.

Physical Attacker

Nature: Adamant / Jolly

Ability: Curse Cycle

EVs: 252 Atk/ 252 Speed/ 6HP

Item: Leftovers

Poison Bomb


Shadow Ball

Pain Flow

The cruze of this set is Screech. After just one use, enemies take massive damage from any of the remaining attacks. Combined with the possiblity of any status from pain flow or toxic from poison bomb, this hina is deadly offensive and must never be underestimated. Jolly can be used for greater speed; while Adamant is used for raw power.

~More sets to be added~

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