These pages will include the following:

List of Bonéka in the route, Enemy trainers, Items (Hidden and visible), Soft earth, Shops, where the route links to, other notable remarks.

An example would be Hoenn Route 101.

Note: Add map images only if they are different from those in Pokémon Emerald. For example, Mishiro Town (Littleroot) is the same afaik as the map in Emerald, so there is no need to include Littleroot's map in the Mishiro Town page. Add map images to the top right hand corner.

Enemy trainer format: (Use a Bonéka with Trace to help determine the ability. I find catching a CPatchouli very helpful for doing this. Most Bonéka have only one ability though, most of the time.)

Trainer Class Trainer Sprite Trainer name Prize Money Item Reward (Write "Can be registered" if you can register this trainer on the PokeNav)
Bonéka  Ability Held Item Moves
Bonéka 1 Move 1 Move 2 Move 3 Move 4
Bonéka 2
Bonéka 3
Bonéka 4
Bonéka 5
Bonéka 6

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