Levels of Evolution Currently not Listed

Someone with more skill, edit these into the respective Boneka entries. I've been completing the iDollDex, and will provide the exact levels of evolution (rare candies to find exact level)

Meiling to EMeiling: 38

Sara to ESara: 38

CYuki to Yuki: 24

Yuki to EYuki: 40

CMai to Mai: 24

Mai to EMai: 40

Gengetsu to EGengetsu: 48

CMugetsu to Mugetsu: 24

Mugetsu to Emugetsu: 38

Mystia to EMystia: 36

Emystia to GMystia: Sun Stone

I also have a note for the CSasha page

Location: Rune City, Fishing with Old Rod (Specifically old rod)

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