This page will list out all the abilities in Touhoumon World Link and Another World. Please arrange in alphabetical order, and add them in this table using the add row command.


Description of ability Description of ability outside of battle (if any) Bonéka which have this ability

Prevents added effects. (e.g. prevents paralysis from body slam)

Does not protect against moves like Thunder Wave.

--- AMarisa ALetty AEirin AReisen ATewi ACirno AMeiling AMystia AYukari ARan AMokou EAMokou ZYukari
Drizzle Summons rain. Lasts for the entire battle unless replaced by another weather condition. --- LSuwako DEMarisa ZMarisa
Jealousy --- Decreases wild Boneka encounter rate. CParsee Parsee EParsee
Speed Boost Increases user’s Speed by one stage at the end of every turn. --- LMarisa LAya LMystia YMarisa EAya Aya CAya DEMarisa LRemilia LNitori EMarisa

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